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The Dietrich Brothers: Standing from Left; Noah, younger brother and best friend Paul. Seated from left; Wil and Otto, approx. 1910
The young Accountant, mid 1920's, looking very much like Leonardo Di Caprio Chief Executive Officer, approx. 1950 Approx. 1953 Wedding picture, August 26, 1955, with his third and last wife, Mary
1960's. Life after Howard Hughes: ND in his Century City office in Los Angeles, 1972. ND (right) accepting 15 year pin as a commissioner of the City of Los Angeles and serving as a director of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District. ND (right) receiving certificate of award after 16 years on the board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California On the set of "The Amazing Howard Hughes". Actor Ed Flanders, right, portrayed ND in the film. Photo credit, "The Amazing Howard Hughes
ND and "The Amazing Howard Hughes" producer, Roger Gimbel. Photo credit, "The Amazing Howard Hughes." Eighty eight years old. Posing with his adored little Dachshund, Marlene Dietrich. At eighty nine years and still possessing a sharp mind, sense of humor and zest for life.    

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